Proraso Pot Sandalwood Soap – Origin, Use, Ingredients And Reviews

Men prefer to use shaving soap to bring up a rich lather. The oldest recipe for soap has ash and oil, and it was derived from the Sumerians. For nearly 5,000 years the principles of soap manufacturing have remained the same, the only difference being oil and fats brought to a boil with alkalis. Shaving soaps came out in the 14th century and was in use until the World War 1. Men who still practice wet shaving find shaving soaps a high esteem product. Among popular shaving soaps find proraso pot sandalwood soap. It comes enriched with Shea butter, sandalwood, and glycerin and is available at

Origin of Proraso
Proraso shaving soap is made in Italy and promises a comfortable shave is moving smoothly on your skin contours to provide a softening effect. The product comes packed in a pot and can be used from there. Work up a lather using a shaving brush. Apply to the shaving area in a circular motion. Once the hair is softened, use a razor to shave off the hair. Once the process is complete, rinse the soap and remove excess water before closing the container. The product is suitable for thick and coarse hair. For better result use a stiffer brush that works better on the soap to develop a creamy lather.

The Proraso was started in the year 1920 in Italy, and since then it is a trusted by men all over the globe. The good quality ingredients have made it a popular choice. In order to get the best shave it is important to have a good shaving soap for a close shave. The Sandalwood paste is thick and gives you a creamy lather. It can make your shaving comfortable and free of irritation.

How does it work?
The best way to yield best results of shaving is to use a good shaving brush, razor and above all a shaving soap. The market is rife with shaving soaps, but all are not safe on the skin. Some shaving soaps cause skin irritation as they are not made of high-quality ingredients. A good shaving soap like Proraso offers good lather with little application. It comes with the advantage of using the product right from the tub.

Ingredients of Proraso shaving pot
The ingredients of the shaving cream should be free from alcohol as it can dry the skin. The Proraso shaving pot does not contain mineral oils, silicone, parabens or alcohol. The ingredients include stearic acid, water, glycerin, coconut oil, lactic acid, sodium hydroxide, parfum, potassium hydroxide, shea butter, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, theobroma cacao butter, tetrasodium EDTA, Citronellol, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Hydroxyethlcellulose and Sandalwood oil. The product is free from the animal ingredient.

What customers have to say?
Customers find the Proraso shaving soap best for regular use as it is made from natural ingredients. The product lathers up fast, and the fragrance is amazing. The customers say that it gives them a close shave and makes their skin feel fresh and hydrated. There were no complaints of razor burns or any form of irritation. Overall, the product is worth a try.