All You Want To Know About Foot Supination

Legs and foot are supposed to be the strongest part which makes the foundation of our body. Supination of the foot is a medical situation where there is a deep, elevated arch in the midfoot which causes the body weight rolls onto the outer edge of the foot while walking and running. In extreme cases this can cause ailments like back pain, high stress on knee and hip, inflammation in certain points and sometimes ankle injuries, Achilles tendinitis, etc. Hence to avoid any major injury, it's essential to wear proper shoes for supination. As per the recent review in, various famous shoe brands have come up with a special range of shoes for men, women, and children, who have a foot supination issue.

Primarily let's identify the cause for supination of the foot. The biological reason could be a high arch middle foot, or Cavus foot or being bow legged. These structural errors usually present from birth and are identifiable during young age. In some cases, due to accidental injury or a neuromuscular disorder which may develop on a later stage of life cause this issue. Certain medical situations like tightening of calf muscles, weak and not a very stable ankle can aggravate the problem. Improper footwear may also be a culprit sometimes.

Secondly, how can you identify, if you have this problem? Some of the common indicators of over- supination foot are wearing off your shoes on the outside bottom which can be seen by closely looking at the sole of your running shoe. Usually, you may feel constant pain in outer thigh, heel, toes, ankle, outside of the foot. Trying a wet foot test on a taking imprint of your wet foot on paper to see if a prominent strip connects the heel and forefoot or not also indicates the presence of this structural error.

Hyper-Supination foot is less able to absorb the shock, hence runner or athletes with such situation are at high risk of injuries like fracture of calcaneus tibia, or metatarsals, ankle injuries, Plantar fasciitis, shin strains.

Surgery is usually not suggested in cases of foot supination. There are certain treatment options, exercises and specialized footwears which can improve the performance of the foot, relive the pain and avoid the injuries. Doing a ‘Gait analysis' by your ortho or physiotherapist wherein the running style and pattern is closely studied to determine the condition of over supination or pronation in the foot. Based on this study appropriate footwear should be worn like sufficiently cushioned shock absorbing lightweight shoes, ortho insole custom made for the foot can prove to be really helpful. Various brands have introduced a special range of shoes and other accessories to assist people with supination of the foot.

Specific exercise regimes which strengthen the lower body can correct foot supination. Jumping ropes, front lunges, calf stretching, leg strengthening exercises like squats, calf press which increases flexibility, ankle movements in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, shin muscle stretch, plantar fascia stretching through pulling back the toe towards the ankle while sitting on a chair. Doing all these exercises in right posture, and under the guidance of a professional is very necessary to ensure it treats the problem appropriately.