Learn to Create a Blog from Scratch

Have you taken a decision to create a blog? Well, it is exciting to hear. You need to follow certain steps to design your blog attractively. There is no need to learn HTML or advanced computer language to develop a blog. If you have excellent English knowledge, good in typewriting skills and interested in learning new software, you will easily enter into the blogger’s world. Ensure to check some good websites where you can find sufficient tips and guide on how to create a blog.

Here, we have shared a simple article that will help you in creating a blog. It is just five hundred words and does not take more than ten minutes for you to read. If you can spend time minutes and improve your blog, continue to read the following guide.

Select your blogging platform:
Blogging platform plays an important role. There are numerous platforms on the internet like Blogger, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. WordPress is simple and used by millions of millions of bloggers. You need to decide whether to use free or paid blog. When it comes to free blog page, the platform name will be added along with your blog link. For example, it would be like 123lovetips.wordpress.com. If you wish to pay and use, you will have a distinct URL. It is good if you are planning to earn money through your blog. Some people will wish to post contents and earn money on their website. In such situations, you need to use pay and use platforms.

Why it is not recommended to post on free blogging platform?
You cannot get a catchy website URL.
The blogging platform would not display contents in the search engine. It may even block your contents. You cannot control your content.
You will be permitted to advertise when you use free platforms. It remains hard for you to earn money.

If you are a starter, you can use free blogging platform. But as you get experience, you need to switch to paid ones. It is valuable and beneficial in various ways. It can even help to bring a business for you.

It is fun to blog. When you know how to use the platform in right way, you can use your creativity and make your blog attractive.

Ensure to install plugins after finalizing the background and URL. It helps to improve the functions of software. It can back up your contents. It helps the blog post to appear in the search engine. There are numerous plugins available for free of cost.

Once you have setup everything, you need to let your mind free to create inspiring and attractive contents. You need to deliver quality and valuable contents to the readers. It should keep the audience interested and engaged. When you post appropriate interesting contents, your blog will start to get excellent traffic. In quick time, it can even turn out as talk of town. You will develop a new list of followers, fans and community. Above all, you will feel happy for playing a new role as blogger/writer.