Hydraulic Jack

Know The Working Principle Of The Hydraulic Jack

Very often, do we not wonder how a hydraulic jack works? Thanks to the technological advancement and the right application of the famous Pascal’s Law that make a hydraulic jack to work and make many things easy for the community. It is from this source of Pascal’s principle; today we enjoy the benefit of this mechanical tool which is widely used in many applications ranging from automotive to heavy engineering. For more information, the interested readers can log on to the website off-road.com and appreciate this engineering marvel. Read on to find how this great invention like the hydraulic jacks is designed in the simplest form which truly works and makes people wonder.

Before we move on to the subject of hydraulic jacks, let us recollect our memories about the Pascal's Law we have studied in our school days. According to Pascal law, when pressure is exerted to any point in a static fluid in a closed container, there will be an equal force of pressure is bound to increase in all parts of the container. In a mathematical sense, pressure has been defined as a force divided by area, which simply means when two cylinders of the different area but contain the same liquid, the larger area too will be under the same pressure. By using this simple law, a simple pressure given at a single point in a hydraulic jack creates the same amount of pressure in another point irrespective of the area. With this phenomenon, we can lift more weight by just exerting a force on the jack.

All hydraulic jacks work in this principle and hence it is easy for any user to apply a simple pressure in a lesser area of the cylinder can able to achieve to raise the larger portion of the cylinder which is considered to be more powerful. In fact, the aspect of leverage that works and makes things happen according to the will of the users of the hydraulic jacks. Though the process looks simple, the entire gadget has to be designed in such a way that Pascal’s Law works in accordance with the design. Factors like design, liquid, size of the cylinder play a major role in making an effective hydraulic jack, which is sold in the market.

In general, the compressed liquid is typically oil as it lubricates the entire system and makes the entire operation with an enormous amount of smoothness. With the right application of the Pascal’ Law, the device can able to generate a huge amount of force by applying a small force to it. Floor jacks are generally used in the automobile industry as well as in other industries for specific purposes. Larger floor jacks are deployed in the construction industry to lift heavy steel materials to various heights. One should not confuse this jack with the forklifts used in the construction industry.

Thanks to the advanced technologies used in designing these hydraulic jacks for other heavy engineering sites like mining and other industrial applications that are done on macro level projects.

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