Tips For Making Crispy Popcorn

Popcorn is the favorite snack item of many people. It is a healthy snack item whether it is sweet or savory it is rich in fiber. To prepare popcorn, you don’t want to purchase a box of microwave popcorn that is rich in artificial flavorings and unhealthy chemicals. Stovetop popcorn poppers are the most preferred and simple method of making popcorns at home.

You can simply buy the plain kernels or choose some bulk collections in the grocery store. You must follow the below tips to prepare the tasty popcorn each time.

You should not that popcorn is not made from the sweet fresh corn that is cultivated during the summer season. There is a special variety of corn available to make popcorn called pearl and rich corn. This type has a hard exterior layer and tough endosperm which is present under the hull. If you have an option of buying heirloom popcorn varieties, then you can definitely find different textures and flavors.

Do you know how the popcorn pops? The kernels pop open once heat is applied to it. During the heating process, the proteins and starch in the hard endosperm expands and becomes soft. The hard hull of the kernel that can resist greater pressure than the other corn types provides the endosperm more time to soften and make more steam inside and moisture so that the popcorn turns more fluffy and crunchy.

For making popcorn, there are some special machines such as air poppers or other special machines but you don’t want such appliances to make popcorn at your home. You can make popcorn by placing a stove in a pot or you can even you use a microwave. It is better to prevent pre-filled bags since it has chemicals. Most of the people are scary when popping for the first time. Before you actually make popcorn, you can find tips on how to make fluffy and crispy popcorn rather than re-pop the uncooked popcorn again. You should also read the tips on popping all the popcorn completely without leaving anything uncooked.

To easily find the uncooked popcorn, you can shift the cooked popcorn in a big bowl and shake the bowl few times. You can find the uncooked kernel at the bottom of the bowl. You can scoop the cooked popcorn from the top and move it to another bowl. Now only the uncooked popcorn stays in the bowl. Once you have separated the uncooked popcorn you can spice it with any flavor of your choice. This method of removing the uncooked popcorn when eating popcorn helps in protecting your teeth from tooth damage.

If you are making popcorn balls or caramel corn, it is the best method to separate the pesky uncooked kernels from the things you would like to use. Taking the plain popcorn by itself is little bland. It is very simple to flavor and jazz up. You can spice it up with anything of your choice including chili powder, powdered sugar, browned butter and salt, cracked pepper and many other things.

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