Different Types Of Coolers 2016

Are you planning to buy coolers for you? If so then how do you find the right coolers for you? The first thing you want to think is do you really need a cooler. You must need a cooler if you want the perishable foods and drinks cold for longer than a day or otherwise a cooler is a waste of money. If you are traveling for a shorter distance by perishable foods then you can prefer soft coolers. Soft coolers require only less space, very easy to carry and have enough room to store foods for a day at park or beach.

When shopping for the coolers, you must research the best cooler 2016 in online and select the suitable cooler. Coolers are really essential for large day excursions when you travel with a large group of people. You must choose a cooler that has enough room to store foods for the people who come along with you.
You can read the FDA food safety guidelines when shopping for a cooler for multi-day excursions. You must aware that perishable foods like meat, milk, egg, and cheese must be stored below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. When you stored the food at the wrong temperature, then your food become unsafe and spoil. The pathogenic bacteria spoil your food and give it a bad smell.

Eating the spoiled food make you sick during the camping or excursion which inconvenient not only for you but also the people who came along with you. There are two types of coolers common in the market. They are traditional and High-end coolers.

The traditional coolers are familiar models in the grocery store or hardware store. Many of the traditional coolers models retain the food fresh for a maximum of five days. Some of the popular traditional coolers models are manufactured by Coleman, Igloo. It is also easily affordable by all class of people. If you want to retain the food for more than five days then you should not buy traditional coolers and look for some other alternative.

Yeti is the first cooler brand that manufactures high-end cooler model. Now various manufacturers including Igloo, Engel, Pelican, and ORCA produces high-end coolers. The construction of this cooler is single-piece with exterior latches, pin style hinges that are made with a lid has the capacity to make this high-end model more durable than the traditional models. In addition to that, it uses thicker walls, rubber gasket closed lids that boost insulation. All the extra features of this model, make it expensive than the traditional model.

The common specialty coolers design is soft coolers and electric coolers. The electric coolers model use electricity to retain the coolness of foods and drinks rather than using ice to cool. You need to plug the model to the power outlet. It is the perfect choice for road trips.

Soft coolers need only a little space than hard coolers and it is very easy to carry because it is little weight when compared to hard coolers. It is available in the form of backpack, shoulder style carrying method.


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